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Sandplay Therapy

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What is Sandplay Therapy?

Sandplay therapy evolved from C.G. Jung’s insight: play and imagination are essential components for healing and change.

Because Sandplay gets to the truth quickly, it is efficient, powerful, and cost-effective.

By using miniatures to build an entire universe in a tray of sand, you tell your story in tangible form. You develop new, practical insights.

With the freedom of imagination, Sandplay gives you a safe – yet free – place to experiment and experience new ways of being in the world.

Through Sandplay, you find your unique Yellow Brick Road to guide you toward new outcomes in your life.

Sandplay leads to clear thinking and right action.

Dr. Hartshorn can do for you what she has done for hundreds of other clients in her 35+ years of clinical experience. Help you change your future.

catherine hartshorn, sandplay therapist

Sandplay ignites courage to change your life

Use Sandplay to address:

  • Relationship issues
  • Career/work issues
  • Divorce/separation
  • Health challenges
  • Loss and grief
  • Self-definition/boundaries
  • Self-confidence


I had no idea what to expect. I found the whole process mesmerizing and a pure joy. I came away with a new understanding of myself.
– DM, Berkeley, CA
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